Battle: Los Angeles Concept Art by Paul Gerrard

Paul Gerrard has given Concept Art World an exclusive glimpse at never before seen images of early concepts from the movie Battle: Los Angeles.  He worked as the alien designer and concept artist/ pre-visual consultant for “all things alien”. His concepts were the first ever images to be designed for this film. In fact, it was Paul Gerrard who created the alien creatures and some of the earlier ship designs.  Although the aliens went through several design changes, Paul states, “It pretty much retained the vibe of the very first early works.”

Paul Gerrard worked directly with Battle: Los Angeles’ Director Jonathan Liebesman to get the movie the green-light.  For six months, both he and Liebesman worked tirelessly on concepts for the film. Eventually new artists, including TyRuben Ellingson, were introduced to refine the artwork and to add their own ideas to the concepts.

According to Gerrard, of all concepts he created, the hovercraft and the Command Centre are two of his favorite works. You can see more of Gerrard’s work here.


All images courtesy of Paul Gerrard and used with permission.

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  1. Mischa 7 years ago

    The command centre is cool but I wish I would have seen a lot more of it in the film….

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  2. Jonny Bone 6 years ago

    An Inspiration…. This is the Artist of the future.

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