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  1. brilliant!

  2. pieces like these really make me long for photoshop… I am still restrained to pencil concept drawing because I can’t afford to but photoshop or a tablet… being jobbless and 15 years old, those things don’t come easily…

    • most of these weren’t done in photoshop or were only done touched up in photoshop. i still need to know how to do all this manually before u can be good digitaly

      • What you mean not done with photoshop? Do you have some facts? Most of them look clearly digital paintings. Vance Kovacs and Marek Okoń paintings are definitely digital. Marek Okoń painting was even on IFX magazine and there was even workshop article showing how it was made. Vance Kovac painting has been on cover of IFX subscriber edition.

      • Digitally or traditionally, you can still be “good”. Its all about knowing how to work with your medium and understanding foundations. Many amazingly talented artists work digitally, that doesn’t mean they don’t how to do it “manually”

      • yeah, probably adobe illustrator

      • all i know, is that i can draw hell good right there on the paper infront of me, unless you give me a drawing tablet for the pc

    • I know what you mean, dude. Just a suggestion though, you can always buy the smaller Tablets, which are significantly cheaper than the larger ones (smallest is around $230). And you don’t have to buy Photoshop to do digital painting; there are several other programs out there that are cheaper than PS. Corel Painter is a terrific painting program, and costs around $400, and Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro, which is around $100. I have all of these, and I can say that each one of them is really good at digital art.

    • hey, dude no need to by photoshop just download it and u can get a cheap tablet around 40 to 50 pounds im 20 and im job less studing animation and games art as a foundation degree

    • Hey! Your just like me! me a few weeks ago that is. I envy works like this cause of the added affects in photoshop. It wasn’t till 3 weeks ago that i found out that i could get photoshop installed from school, didn’t cost a thing. Wold you know if that would be at all possible for you? It sucks wating to go further in art but not have the money or connections to do so…Id just like to say tho, if you do get a chance to use photoshop, make sure u got an idea how to use it first…im still lost in how to do anything with it. Best of luck! Happy Drawing! :D

    • Talent doesn’t just magically happen when you use a computer… its the same thing as paper just with a few added sparkles here and there.

    • I know right…
      15 is the worst year to start loving conceptional art.

      • why is 15 the worst year to love concept art

  3. i said it in the last inspiration section, and i have to say it again: this is so bloody useful!. really, i thought i new just about every artist out there, this section has introduced me to so many more, and has really inspired me to keep on workin!

  4. I really love the one where a dragon is being shot at by modern day soldiers. You don’t see that often.

    • Wallin is a brilliant dude and works so damn hard, been keeping an eye on him for a while and he never ceases to amaze.

  5. Dragons are so iconic and overdone it’s difficult nowadays to come up with new designs that have never been seen. At this point all dragons are just inspired variations of previous designs. That being said, nothing is cooler than a classically designed dragon :)

  6. what kind of new dragon will that be ?
    the only dragon in my mind are something like illustrated above.

    oh btw, those are incredible dragons, especially those with ‘horns’ around their mouth.

  7. Four or five of those were adequte.

  8. If you play Magic: The Gathering you’ll see a lot of these in there.

  9. Damn, I love this site…..

  10. Wow, this is awsome. The second picture rules.

  11. kerembeyit’s dragons are one of bests ,it would be nice to see them here

  12. The ninth one. Its as if the sound thats coming from the dragon is creating a mini eathquake; the picture looks like its shaking because of the blur.

  13. killing blog!! I am dying just watch this page..! Ha!

  14. wow no words…..!

  15. Wow… exquisite.. these illustrations are breathtaking!!

  16. for those in need…there are free digital drawing tools such as:
    1. GIMP for image manipulation
    2. Inkscape for vector drawings
    3. Artrage has a free edition
    and then there’s the educational versions of softwares like 3dstudio max, autoCAD available at the autodesk student community.
    Please google key terms to reach the site and unleash yourselves on the art world…
    all the best..

  17. hi,
    every body i am new in concept art,but i can draw and paint.i want to improver my concept art skill.for this what should i do?i am thank full to help me for this.

    • Keep practicing (I’m not a concept artist but concept artist tells me this and everyone will tell you the samething).
      If your good at painting why not learn sculpting, Architect, 3D modelling, Costume idea designs etc. Do a lot. Have a good day and wish you the best :)

  18. Beautiful dragons and no matter what software they use or if its traditional the work of these valuable artist produce amazing but inexplicable artwork.

  19. A couple of these stand out, but the others are pretty generic and boring.

  20. Totally disagree with previous comment about them being generic and boring. Theres some really good artwork on display here. More please!!

  21. Beautiful dragons

  22. Hey! Where is Kerem Beyit? You may add him dragon work.

  23. This is soooooooooo epic!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but the dragons are mostly evil. Why’s that?!?!?!?!
    Anyway, epic artwork, can’t wait to do some of my own!

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