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  1. Well, it seems that designing a unique and different mech is soon going to be a task of epic proportions. :D

    Very good choices.

    • Well,isn´t it already?
      It feels like I´ve seen all of those before.

  2. Очень понравился арт Кевина Шварца! Очень детализировано и атмосферно.

  3. I liked Walter Kim, Mark Samson, John Park and Jan Urschel. Great designs!.

  4. great body of work.. walkers and robo walkers.. are things to come on the battle field.. I think robobots could be dropped from drone aircraft.. air and ground an work as a team

    • I think they should go behind the army and come forth with the big guns when needed. Also, I think teh best possible way of transporting them is via helicopters, so that they can land vertically. Otherwise, yeah. They aren’t as sci-fi as most people think.

  5. Adam Baines’ was my preferred design, I lean towards tank like quad legged walkers myself. Having said that it’s all great work, very nice indeed.

  6. awesome artwork..

  7. My vote is for The mech with the humanoid arms springing off the chest/cockpit that’s 9 pictures down(‘flying debris/Eliott Lilly collaboration’). 10 years ago I saw something similar painted in Japan, however this one has a more western/mech flavor, specifically The mech in the center. Thank you.

  8. I mainly draw cars, and this is superb inspiration.

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